Best Natural Products For Growing Out Your Hair

Stylist Washing Men's Hair

There are many great hairstyles for men, but some require that you have longer hair. If you want a specific style, but you need to grow out your hair, the experts at 18|8 Barrington men’s salon have you covered with these natural product tips that can help get your hair ready for that perfect cut. […]

New Year New Grooming Routine: Your Guide to Great Hair This Year

From Palatine to Barrington to Fox River Grove and everywhere in between, guys are working now more than ever to be the best versions of themselves, and that means looking good as well as doing good. Beyond the daily shower plus deodorant, there are grooming habits that guys should think about if they want to […]

How to Use a Blow Dryer to Maintain Your Style

A blow dryer is an essential after-shower tool that gives you better control of your style and boosts volume too. Men’s haircuts in Barrington are our specialty at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon. Here are our tips for using a blow dryer to get your hair in shape. Prepare for Success An 1800-watt dryer gives you […]

Styling Tips For Curly Hair

Styling Tips For Curly Hair Have long locks of curly hair? 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Barrington, IL can customize professional haircuts and grooming services to suit your unique hair type and style! Located in the Brookhaven, 18|8 is an upscale men’s salon, perfect for the modern gentleman. Inspired by old-school barbershops, 18|8 adds a […]

Best Facial Hair Styles Of 2018

Best Facial Hair Styles Of 2018 At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Barrington, IL, our facial hair stylists know the best facial hair styles of 2018! Over the past few years, men’s facial hair has evolved from a money-saving technique to the perfect, rugged style accessory. Various facial hair styles are inexpensive to grow, easy […]

How To Grow A Healthy Beard

Beards are in, and it looks like they’re here to stay! Whether you are going for a full rustic look or a clean cut beard, every man with a beard wants a full grown-in beard. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for all men. Some men have thinner hair or inconsistent hair patterns. How can […]

Why the Straight Razor Shave Is the Best Type of Shave

Why the Straight Razor Shave Is the Best Type of Shave Shaving is a key part of most men’s grooming routines, so it’s unfortunate to say that many gentlemen don’t put the thought into creating the most enjoyable shaving experience for themselves. Most men stick with the basic disposable razors, which, while convenient, don’t offer […]

When To Throw Out Your Grooming Products

You’ve made the decision to “use what you have” when it comes to your grooming products. To clean out your medicine cabinet, your under-the-sink bathroom cabinet, and even your linen closet in search of those moisturizers, sunscreens, eye creams, acne medicines, shampoos, lip balm and all of the other things you spend hundreds of dollars […]

A Unique Environment For Men’s Grooming Needs

Manicure at 18|8 Barrington

*Article As Featured In SW Lake Magazine For decades, the local barbershop was where men went to get their haircut and face shaved. However, in the last few years, the number of barbershops has decreased. Ultimately, this has forced men to rely on women’s salons for their grooming needs. Often, men are referred to a particular […]

How to Maintain a Shaved Head

At 18|8 Barrington, our aim is to make sure every gentleman that walks into our salon will be able to walk out with the perfect look that makes them feel like a true modern gentlemen. While finding the perfect haircut can work for some, other gentlemen prefer to go a different route: a cleanly shaved […]