OM4: Skin Treatment Created By Men, For Men

When it comes to looking your best, keeping your skin looking clean and healthy is an essential piece of the puzzle. However, as guys, knowing what the best way is to take care of our skin may not come as naturally to us. There’s even more difficulty when it comes to choosing the right skin care products, since women’s face and skin is much different than ours, from the level of care it gets on a regular basis or the regular beating that it gets if you shave daily.

The good news is there’s finally a face treatment product designed just for men, and you get it at the modern barbershop and salon designed just for men, 18|8 Barrington.

What Is OM4?

OM4 stand for “Organic Male For Men”, and it’s the first skin type and condition-specific line of face and skin care products formulated to address the biological differences in male and female skin, giving guys the proper skin care that they need to look great. It isn’t a spin-off of a women’s line of products either. The core of the brand is that these products were created just for men and were formulated by men who know the specific needs of guys’ face and skin. OM4 products are also made with completely organic ingredients so you get the highest quality face treatment there is.OM4 - Normal_Collection

What Will A Men’s Face Treatment With OM4 Do For Me?

As we had mentioned before, a guy’s skin is very different from women’s, which is why a face treatment at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon with OM4 products is nothing like a facial that a woman can get at her salon. Whether or not we take care of our skin on a regular basis, a complete face treatment will cleanse and exfoliate your skin, plus give it vitamins and minerals that you wouldn’t normally get through a daily treatment. Not to mention that the skin on our face needs some extra attention since it can get irritated and damaged from shaving. Getting this face treatment designed specifically for men will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated with cleaner and healthier skin. Also, getting skin treatments on a regular basis will make sure that you look like you’re always at the top of your game, and keep your looking and feeling healthy even as you get older.

Book Your Face Treatment With 18|8 Barrington

Since us guys finally have a face treatment product just for us, come to the place designed just for us and makes sure you keep looking classy like a true modern gentleman. Booking your face treatment appointment with 18|8 Barrington by giving us a call at (224) 633-2188, or through our online booking form.