The Story Behind The Name – Griff’s

Here at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons we have our own product like called “Griff’s” that was created with the same goal behind the creating of 18|8: to make it easy for men to always look their best and feel even better. What people don’t know is the story behind Griff’s.

Who Was Griff?

mystery manGriff was a man who came from a time before we had all of our smart phones, Google maps, and all of our other modern luxuries that we sometimes take for granted. When he was younger, he was a B-25 pilot in World War II, and afterwards he mapped the Pacific using only compasses and coordinates as his tools. He and his crew loaded up the back hatch of the plane with cases of beer and flew up to 30,000 feet for two hours to get it cold. Later, he became an air attaché, helping set up a radar installation in Turkey on the eve of the cold war. Finally, he retired after his 21 years service at the age of 38 to begin a new chapter.

In the next 6 years, he got his PHD in Middle Eastern studies at UCLA, and set out on a journey to expand his knowledge and share his experience with future generations. He went on to become a professor and then the Academic Dean at Chapman University, also creating the Semester at Sea program that helped expose students to the world and expand their horizons.

What He Stood For

Griff was real and authentic, and he knew the value of people and things that were authentic, and surrounded himself with them. He was himself and was never swayed to be anything or anyone else. He was a man of the world who had adventure in his heart, worked for what he wanted, and knew what it meant to try or be your best.

Griff was the father of the Founder and CEO of 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons, which is why we’ve taken his legacy and channeled it into everything we do and offer. Griff’s era was a time when products were carefully crafted to work as hard as the people who made them, and that’s what we’ve worked to re-create here at 18|8 Barrington and with Griff’s men’s grooming products. When you groom like Griff, you’ll discover man at his best.