Face & Skin Treatments

Skin care wasn’t really a big priority for guys in the past when it came to our personal grooming, but times have changed and modern gentleman have stepped up their game in terms of taking care of their skin, and for good reason. A man’s skin is vastly different from a woman’s, from the daily abuse that it sustains from shaving and the basic essentials that it needs to stay looking and feeling healthy. But where do you go to get the proper skin care you need as a guy? A women’s salon won’t cut it, which is why you should come to a place that’s designed just for men.

At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Barrington, we make skin care for guys a simple and relaxing experience, with everything you need to keep your skin healthy all in one place, while making it a complete professional salon experience. Our masterful stylists are specifically trained in men’s grooming, so they know exactly what the modern gentleman’s skin needs. Whether you’re dealing with blackheads, acne, skin irritation from shaving, or just think you could go for a deep skin cleaning, our face and skin treatment will do the trick.

  • The 18|8 Executive Face treatment

    Just like how 18|8 is a salon just for men, the 18|8 Executive Face Treatment is just for men’s skin. Over the course of 30 minutes, we make sure we cover all of the essentials so you can have healthy, good-looking skin, while also giving you a relaxing experience that 18|8 is known for. Our face treatments use premium skin care products designed specifically for men, to ensure that you look and feel at your best.

    Once we get you settled into your semi-private station, we start things off with a warm towel and a complete skin cleanser treatment to wash away the dirt and oils from your skin using a specific cleanser based on your skin type. Once your face is clean, our stylist will be able to analyze your skin and specific areas of your face to know exactly what kind of treatment will be best for your skin. Next we move on to exfoliation, which will help clear up your skin and prepare it to receive the vital nutrients that we’ll be applying later on. Then a facial mask is applied based on your specific skin type to calm and soothe your skin and address any specific issues you have. Next we apply an astringent to control excess oil, tighten pores, and eliminate shine. This is followed with a high performance facial serum with powerful vitamins and antioxidants to improve skin health and elasticity. The final step of our executive face treatment is moisturizing, which will help seal in all of those nutrients from the serum, while also making sure that your skin retains moisture and stays soft instead of drying out. We will also touch up any fine lines around your eyes, and apply some extra minerals that will help heal sun damaged skin and protect you from further damage.

  • Express Face Treatment

    A relaxing 15-minute hot towel service utilizing premium skin care products specifically formulated for men to absorb impurities while exfoliating and deep cleansing your skin. We add a purifying toner to leave your face calm and refreshed. We finish with a quick absorbing moisturizer to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Scalp treatments

If you want to make sure that you hair always looks sharp, clean, and stylish, it all starts with maintaining a healthy scalp. While you usually don’t see your scalp unless you shave your head, it’s still exposed to a variety of things that can damage it. Whether it’s a sunburn that damages your skin, cold air that leaves it dried out, or even your diet that isn’t getting your skin the proper nutrients it needs, any damage to your scalp can affect your hair and how it looks. Those with dandruff and a dry scalp know that itching and white flakes on your collar or shoulders doesn’t exactly have a classy gentleman feel to it. As part of wide selection of professional salon services, we offer rejuvenating scalp treatments that will make sure that your hair and scalp stay healthy.

  • Scalp Treatments

    Our scalp treatment was designed just for men in order to revitalize a damaged scalp and give your scalp all of the nutrients it needs. Once you get settled into your semi-private station, our stylists will use a special blend of therapeutic ingredients to massage, cleanse, and exfoliate your scalp. The treatment is designed to strengthen your hair and revitalize your hair follicles so that even dull hair will look shiny and healthy. Not to mention, the nutrients will help clear up any dandruff and alleviate itchiness or dryness. Our scalp treatment lasts a full 20 minutes, and afterwards you’ll feel completely rejuvenated with a healthy head of hair.

  • Express Scalp Treatments

    A quick 15-minute service reconditions and repairs your hair while enhancing your scalp’s microcirculation, helping to restore the hair’s healthy life cycle. A highly recommended add-on service with each haircut. Helps prevent and counteract hair loss.

  • The 18|8 Scalp Treatment Package

    This packages takes our scalp treatment a step further by adding on the signature 18|8 Executive Haircut. Beyond the deep scalp massage and treatment, you’ll also enjoy a neck and shoulder massage to help you relax. Once we make sure you’re looking sharp with your new haircut, we finish everything off with a refreshing aromatic hot towel. If you want a good-looking head on your shoulders, the 18|8 scalp treatment package is for you. Enhance your experience even further by adding an executive grooming service to your handcrafted haircut to look and feel your absolute best. Choose from a relaxing and invigorating scalp massage, an executive hand detail, an anti-aging face treatment, or one of our other executive grooming services designed specifically for our male clientele. At 18|8 we are in the business of helping men feel better about themselves than they have ever felt before.

Hair growth renewal

At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Barrington, IL, we value all of our clients no matter their hair type. Whether you have a full head of hair, or barely any at all, we have the hair care and treatment solution for you.

Over 40 million men in the United States are experiencing hair loss, almost all genetic. In fact, 25% of men who are affected by male pattern baldness will experience the first signs by age 21, with 40% of men having noticeable hair loss by age 35 and 65% by age 60. Men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s are prime candidates to benefit from the True Solutions program. At 18|8 Barrington, we want to provide the right products and therapy to these men, which is why we offer our True Solutions package – a comprehensive program to grow your hair, keep it longer, or get it back – guaranteed!

  • Free Consultation With a True Solutions specialist

    Our men’s barbershop in Barrington takes a comprehensive approach to the True Solutions program based on each client’s needs. Our unique step-by-step process covers all bases so that you can leave feeling confident about your treatment plan. New clients can start off with a free consultation with one of our trained True Solutions Specialists. Here, clients will be introduced to the True Solutions program, issues regarding thinning hair, and treatment options such as low level laser therapy. Existing clients will be introduced to the True Solutions program by their regular stylists, all of whom are knowledgeable in issues surrounding thinning hair. Clients wanting to learn more can go straight to a full consultation that will explore a more in-depth analysis of their hair and scalp condition. Our expert True Solutionists will take photos of clients’ scalps with a scope, and go through an assessment to give formal recommendations in terms of treatment moving forward

  • In-Depth True Solutions Consultation

    After the initial consultation, clients wanting to learn more can go straight to a full consultation that will explore a more in-depth analysis of their hair and scalp condition. Our expert True Solutionists will take photos of clients’ scalps with a scope, and go through an assessment to give formal recommendations in terms of treatment moving forward.

  • True Solutions Program

    The elements of our program, depending on each client, are a combination of the right product, low level laser therapy, and specially designed True Solutions services including haircuts and scalp treatments.

    - We utilize ultra premium, high performance products which are specifically formulated for hair and scalp vitality.
    - Our low level laser therapy solution is FDA approved and has been proven in clinical trials to halt hair loss, increase hair density and deliver fuller and thicker hair with continued use.
    - Clients will continue to see their favorite stylist or barber for their monthly services designed to support and enhance the overall effectiveness of their True Solutions for Thinning Hair program.
    - Our True Solutionists will be with you every step of the way. Ongoing evaluations measuring a client’s progress at 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, and a full year will take place to ensure optimal effectiveness.

    As an added benefit to our True Solutions programs and services, our salons are Bosley certified. Bosley may be a desirable solution for men in the advanced stages of thinning hair, and our True Solutionists can connect any interested clients to Bosley and their surgical solutions.

Nail Treatments

At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Barrington, we know that when it comes to nail care, guys don’t usually have the best track record. However, a common misconception is that nail treatments are for women. The reality of the matter is that your nails are a part of your body, and not only do they need to be taken care of, they play a big role when it comes to looking your best like a modern gentleman should.

At 18|8 Barrington, we’re getting rid of that misconception that nail treatments are only for women, by providing manicures that are designed specifically for men, in our salon that has also been designed just for men. Learn more about our nail treatments below, then come and see what the 18|8 experience is all about for yourself.

  • The 18|8 “Man-icure” Treatment

    Whether you realize it or not, your fingernails are very visible at all times. Whether you’re shaking hands with someone or simply resting your hands on a table, people can see your nails. If your nails are poorly groomed or dirty, then take a step in the direction towards being a proper modern gentleman with a manicure. The treatment takes a full 30 minutes to give your hands and nails the attention that they deserve to look and feel great. We start with treating your cuticles and nails, cleaning and trimming them to give them a well groomed look and keep them under control. We also apply a refreshing mask and scrub to your hands for a cleansing and refreshing feeling, To make the experience just that much sweeter in true 18|8 fashion, we give you a hand and arm massage so you can completely relax.