How to Use a Blow Dryer to Maintain Your Style

A blow dryer is an essential after-shower tool that gives you better control of your style and boosts volume too. Men’s haircuts in Barrington are our specialty at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon. Here are our tips for using a blow dryer to get your hair in shape.

Prepare for Success

An 1800-watt dryer gives you a powerful airflow that means you can use a lower heat setting. High heat fries your hair and leaves it less manageable. Start each styling day with clean hair. Apply hair products and a heat-protective balm or cream to still-damp hair to protect against heat damage.

Styling With a Blow Dryer

Some men’s hairstyles call for volume on top. To accomplish this look, use a rounded brush to shape and lift hair into place, aiming the dryer at the brush as you move it through your hair. A dryer’s concentrator attachment helps you attain a smooth style, while a diffuser makes the most of your natural curl. Here are notes on using these attachments:

  • Concentrator: This piece narrows to a wide slit that you hold close to the hair as you guide it with your comb or brush. Because it’s so close to your hair, you can use a lower heat setting.
  • Diffuser: Use it to distribute heat and air over a wider area, allowing curls to dry in a more natural style. It has multiple “fingers” at the wider end to maintain a distance between the barrel and your hair. Use your fingers to style instead of a comb or brush.

When you’ve achieved the look you want, give your hair a blast with the dryer’s cold-air button. Cool air deactivates hair products and sets your style.

Maintaining Your Look

To maintain your style long-term, visit the men’s hair experts at 18|8 regularly. As your Lake Zurich barber, we can help you keep up your hair’s good looks with practical and straightforward tips and proper care.